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November 19, 2014

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1. I am a big believer in the holiday season we call Christmas. Like, BIG believer. Like it is my most favourite holiday of the year and it makes me endlessly happy. I love the decor, the lights, the coziness, the snow, the spirit, the EV-ERY-THING! You know these shirts? Well that is me. To a T. I secretly decorated inside my house the first weekend in November, away from the judging eyes of passersby. And yesterday some of the outdoor lights went up. Just try and shame me and tell me its too early. I am unshameable in the holiday department. It makes me too happy to care.

2. Now, about said holiday that I love. In my first point I failed to mention one of my MOST favourite aspects of the season. All the LIES. Yes that’s right. You read that correctly. The LIES. And the secrets. And the deception. And the endless whispering and talking about each other behind their backs. What!? That’s not what you all do at Christmas?? The secretive sleuthing about is THE Murphy Christmas way. It is the one and only time of year that all of this whispering and deceit are accepted and expected. And I LOVE IT. Its all about the who’s getting what for who, and who wants what, and this is what I got and do you think we should do this or that and did Secord really put a car on her Christmas list? Bahahahaha. As I said. Favourite part of the holidays. All the talking behind your back is in the spirit of Christmas and loving each other and giving…. I promise.

3. Did you know we all still write out Christmas lists to put in our stockings. Yes, yes we do. Yes we are all in our twenties. But how else are we (and more importantly Santa) supposed to know what we want if there is no list?? Ya, that’s what I thought. I can hear you all scurrying to grab your pens and notepads.

4. I didn’t anticipate Christmas overtaking this week’s post but alas, I am clearly excited. Bring on the whispering and the lies.

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Jacey November 19, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Bahahaha. Ahhh Secord’s list is always good for a laugh! Wonder what will be on it this year, perhaps a helicopter. Don’t even want to think about all the joyous laughter and plan making behind each others back I’m missing in the bakery :( Yes. I did just use a sad face. And I never use emoticons! ahaha. Miss you and love you!


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