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October 29, 2014

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1. It has been 16 days since Thanksgiving. 16 days. And I am still attempting to recover from the bakery madness that was. It was the hardest one yet, but also the best one yet. Fun infographic detailing the madness can be found here. I have felt like a shell of a human being as of late, which is why of course there have been so many quality posts here in the last 16 days…. While feeling like a zombie might be seasonally appropriate, it isn’t a way of life I can withstand for long. So here’s to feeling like a real human once again… that is until the holiday bakery rush sets in. Christmas is only 57 days away right? Bahhhhhhhh.

2. I have spoken about my irrational food fears on here before. Corn chowder to be precise. Whilst chatting with my mom yesterday about a new recipe, another of my irrational food fears surfaced. Fish sauce. I know nothing about said fish sauce. Only it would seem that it is a sauce made of fish. None of this sounds appealing to me in any shape or form. Have I made recipes that called for this frightening ingredient, yes. Have I ever made the plunge and purchased this to put into my recipes, no. Have I been assuming that leaving out this ingredient will have “no noticeable affect”, yes. I am sure I wouldn’t notice it in the recipe, its all a mental game. I just can’t bring myself to be a person with fish sauce in her cupboard. Creeps me out. I have recently polled a dear friend of mine who is much more worldly than me, who has offered to loan me her fish sauce for recipes so that I don’t have to make the gigantic leap into fish sauce ownership. This is what friends are for. Helping you avoid embrace your irrational food fears.

3. Since I have already mentioned that a certain holiday is but 57 days away, it can’t hurt for me to tell you I have been secretly dying to decorate for Christmas this year. Dying to. I can’t be sure what has brought it on. It mayyyyyy have been all of the post-Christmas sales I hit at Target that has me desperately wanting to dig out all my “new” Christmas decorations. Or maybe its just that I am done with Fall. Done. Christmas is my all time fave. Only 57 sleeps!

4. Of all the madness that accompanies Thanksgiving there is some incredible perks. No, not unlimited access to Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. Although that is a delight… I was thinking more along the lines of witnessing Fall’s amazing sunrises and sunsets. Working in the bakery well before sunrise, until well into the dark. Nature is magical, as seen above. Watching the sunrise while eating a Pumpkin Whoopie Pie for breakfast… now that’s the real magic.

5. Did I mention its only 57 days until Christmas???

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Jacey November 14, 2014 at 7:43 pm

Loan me the fish sauce next! I want to try some thai recipes but I’m too scared!


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