Tuesday Talks

October 7, 2014


1. My sister Jacey as I may have mentioned before is a rugby superstar. Although you’d never know it from her blog or from meeting her or even if you straight up asked her about rugby. She is not one for attention of any kind. She plays for the Canadian Women’s team and they won the silver medal at the Women’s Rugby World Cup this summer in France. TSN aired the tournament which was the first time they’ve aired the Women’s Rugby World Cup and it was incredible. I got so many emails, texts and people telling me how much they enjoyed cheering on the girls. Super proud of them. So why am I telling you this aside from being a super proud sister? Please see point two….

2. I was grocery shopping last week and was approached by the cashier whom I know only from seeing on my multiple trips to said store. She excitedly waved hello and then proceeded to tell me how she saw me on TV and how great I did. Having just recorded a piece for the local news that morning, my first thought was she had seen me on the news speaking about Thanksgiving and the Fall Festival at our farm. She then told me how proud she was of me. This is where I started to wonder if we were still talking about my stint on the local news… And when she next mentioned that she just loved cheering me on, I knew that this was a case of mistaken identity. She did not she the local news and was not impressed with my banter about Fall on the farm. She, of course thought I was the aforementioned rugby superstar. And since I had already thanked her for watching and chatted away, I felt it too awkward to backtrack and inform her that I was not the correct Murphy sister. This is what celebrity doppelgangers must feel like. I told her we (as in me and the rest of the Canadian team) were so honoured to have so many people supporting us and thanked her again for the well wishes. And finally, to ensure that I was not found out as a liar and silver medal winning impersonator, I proceeded to cover my 4 months pregnant belly with my grocery bags…

3. A hit a wall last week. The wall where even your pyjamas no longer fit you and you are feeling ultimately depressed about your weight, wardrobe, hair, face…. etc. etc. While nothing can be done about my weight I tried my best to salvage what I could control. A shopping spree at Target’s sleepwear section, a new headband to contain my frizz and well my face, there was only so much I could do. And it came down to dealing with my unkempt eyebrows. Unkempt was putting it kindly. And so upon rectifying the situation and once again having two separate and shapely eyebrows I began to wonder how it had gotten so bad. Secord had told me (only when I mentioned it first) how unsightly they were. If only she had told me to get my act together earlier. Bottom line people: Friends shouldn’t let friends eyebrows look like Quasimodo.

4. Lately everyone has been asking if I can feel the baby move. Up until recently my answer has been not really….I don’t think so….I don’t know? The other day I was driving home from Costco and my cell phone was repeatedly vibrating away in my pocket. Since I was driving I refrained from checking it. I thought about how popular I must be at that moment as my phone received text after vibratey text. A minute down the road I happened to glance into the passenger seat of my car to see my iPhone sitting on the seat. So if my iPhone wasn’t in my pocket then what was? Oh that’s right a baby is growing under my hoodie. Baby movement 1. Text messages 0.

And now I must head to the bakery. Full on Thanksgiving preparation madness (and Pumpkin Whoopie Pies) awaits.

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Tuds October 7, 2014 at 12:22 pm

My god. Point number 2 is made for tv. Seriously. A whole show could be made off that performance I would pay to see that and I completely understand how that could have happened!!! Please continue to post on future checkouts. Bahaha!… Everything so true, so well recounted. Love you and this pretty pretty work! Xoxoxoxoxo


Jacey October 7, 2014 at 5:09 pm

Yay! I wasn’t sure you’d have time to write a post with all the thanksgiving craziness. I think allofus Murphy’s have been confused for the other at some point. I usually just go along with it! Haha. So cool that you can feel the baby finally!


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